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El Oficio de Aracne

By  Ernesto Lumbreras

A transparent and illuminated box that houses 20 small-format paintings. The first is called La Caja Museo de Arte Contemporáneo and the painted series is entitled El oficio de Arachne

The contemporary art museum box transmits to us without an ideology of superficial or strange truth, a criticism of subtle sharpness.

Whether as a support or a piece in itself, the box contains the work of an artist who has found in small formats, postcard size, her expressive space par excellence. She exhibits a series of paintings within a well-defined pictorial axis from her technique as well as her figurative and symbolic approach. The trade of Arachne by Marianela de la Hoz echoes the myth of a weaver, a disciple of Athena, who dares to compete with her divine teacher in the art of weaving tapestries; while the Goddess weaves a tapestry where the twelve Gods of Olympus appear, Arachne embroiders another where these same Gods are in the supreme enjoyment of love shared with mortals. Athena rages and punishes her student by turning her into a spider. The  paintings in the egg tempera technique on panel, are a parade of characters in extreme situations, pain or ridicule, irony or ecstasy; More than portraits, these pieces appear to me, in their unbridled carnival, as scenarios where something terrible or grotesque happened, is happening