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Mise en Scène


My paintings are portraits of reality converted into fantastical and theatrical scenes. Characters are portrayed in the “Commedia dell’ arte” spirit, emulating our common humanity.

For this exhibition of new works “Mise-en-Scène”, I contextualize my paintings, adding to the narrative, by using a sculptural assembly that goes beyond that of the conventional frame. I am open to using a wide variety of objects to shelter my ideas as long as they add to the “voice” in them.  By setting the work “On Stage”, I transform them into something different while still preserving the essence of each piece.  My intention is to instigate a dialogue between the different materials I use.

These “Mise-en-Scène” works of art are tragicomedies full of humor, passion and spirituality. Each piece exposes the way we are without regard to appearances. As an artist, my desire is to go deeper in this magical world, assisting in our personal discovery and setting the stage for the viewer to become part of the play. Each work is a scene where I want you to explore your desires and fulfill your fantasies.