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My painting follows the trends of the aesthetic view, in which blood, conscience, irony, time and space are the axes that structure it. Hemofiction

The works are nourished by literary arguments, not to illustrate texts but as the source from which the development of the internal problems of human beings arises. It is in literature where I find those unusual visual codes that allow me to paint that human side that we strive to hide.

Within this pictorial-literary world, there are no defined limits, its content unleashes my imagination and is inexhaustible in images, I deal with the material and the immaterial, the ordinary and the extraordinary, I reflect on the knowledge we have of ourselves, the way we that we live, want and dream, I speak of love, death, illusion, the present and the past, and above all the visual iconography that I use is that of the terrible, amoral and somewhat theatrical, resulting in realistic characters with magical details, with disproportions and with exaggerations that speak openly about themselves without blame, without myths and without common places.