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Specula - Speculari

Reflections about mirrors and thinking
Inspired by the image of one of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum’s permanent collection paintings; “Dweller on the Threshold” by Arthur Bowen Davies, in which a woman is looking at her nude image in a mirror, my idea for this exhibition was to use my work, along with Bowen Davies’s artwork, to engage in a conversation and reflect upon the ideas and meanings underlying two very suggestive and interconnected concepts: mirroring and thinking.
To think means to reflect and the mirror is the symbol of physical and spiritual reflection. Mirrors can reflect our own image and give us the chance to recognize ourselves, and subsequently, observe the images of others that surrounds us.
The main theme of each painting displayed in this exhibition, is the mirror and the idea of thinking and speculating. I make references to different situations using the many variations of the symbology of a mirror: in some works the mirror is presented as an image, and in others, only conceptually, as an allusion to reflection, self-consciousness and dialectic
The juxtaposition of mirror and thinking, promises to be attractive and at the same time provocative, so as to make us, human beings, feel, reflect, and think about life, self-consciousness, distortion and mystery.
When a person peeps into the mirror, his or her reflection along with the written words will form a similar composition as those of my paintings: images and words bound together create a sense of unity, provoking a dialogue between thoughts and images.
I want people to look at themselves as part of a work of art, making them reflect on the words they are reading, while at the same time they are recognizing their own images interacting with the concepts.