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Paintings from the Confinement

During the very long months of confinement all of us have changed in many ways, at least for me it has been a time to reevaluate and confirm that the only treasures I have are my loved ones, family, friends and art, everything else remained as non-essential .
The Coronavirus assaulted me without prior notice, unraveling my plans, my references, leaving me incredulous and speechless.
In my specific case, at the beginning of isolation, I froze. For me, painting is the way I understand both the world around me and my own world. Suddenly my simultaneous translation system stopped working and I was faced with an unknown and unintelligible reality.
My work tries to put aside internal censorship, my shyness and fear are removed, my work is dark and is full of black humor, sarcasm. During these days, how could I represent something unknown, mysterious and invisible, something so threatening and painful?
The pandemic not only brought the coronavirus disease infecting and causing the death of so many, but it also exposed the economic and social disparity of a highly unequal and divided society.

Looking in the mirror I began to question myself very seriously about what is the use of what I do, especially in moments like this, which is my contribution to society?
At last I convinced myself to return honestly and with conviction, to what I am, to my essence, to the only thing I know how to do. Once again, I began to try to find paths, images, symbols, metaphors, references to show, point out, translate, document what the pandemic was causing in the feelings and behavior of human beings, myself included.