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Marianela de la Hoz, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

María Helena González

Towards the Revolution of metaphysical painting?

Giogio de Chirico wrote in 1913 that it was to last over time, a work of art must overcome human limits, that once the barriers of logic and common sense are broken, the work reaches the territories of child vision and dreams, overcoming formulas. and common places. He adds that the artist achieves his most effective vision when he closes his eyes.

The affirmation overthrows the Renaissance notion of the painting as a window, and brings to the consideration of the viewer and the possibility of a reality beyond the concrete or the anecdotal; de Chirico spoke of a metaphysical reality. Jung would have spoken of archetypes, of universal values.

I make this preamble because it seems to me that Marianela de la Hoz's paintings are decidedly aimed at exploring metaphysical environments and themes, of matters as complex and universal as loneliness, heartbreak, the passage of time or the fear of death., without daring to completely abandon the concerns that have previously led her to create: the body, identity and sexuality of the woman of the 20th century.

If the painter had captivated us before with her impeccable and loving application of tempera on wood, revealing to us that current painting can be populated with delicacies, now, she takes us by the hand through the world of polyphonic interpretations, taking advantage of a resource with which, she comes I worked years ago. I refer to the interconnection between the word and the image.

Marianela's work always goes beyond the Manichean reading, it alludes to individual awareness. Although her painting does not seek to please, she succeeds with the forcefulness of the message, the harmony and the impeccable and original structure.
Finally, on an aesthetic level, de la Hoz must be thanked for her delicious and meticulous treatment of figuration that is unusual today, especially if we think that gestural expressionism is what predominates in the official circuits of art, while on a hermeneutic level, we must applaud the creation of worlds so full of meanings, so revealing