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Retell - Recontar

Thanks to the initiative of Art Produce for the first time Helen Redman and I were able to maintain a dialogue between our art works.

What can unite us in this exercise of letting our works talk to each other?  We are women, mothers, and grandmothers and, above all, we have dedicated many years of our lives translating everything that concerns and surrounds us through pictorial language. We have both told and retold the same stories in different ways, using different images, symbols, metaphors and characters from our own vital archives talking about the recurring themes in our consciences, themes such as motherhood, menopause, aging, racism, violence, injustice, corruption, life and death, religion, sexuality, loneliness, identity.

In my case, in order to be able to deal with these issues of real daily life that worry and hurt me, I open the key to the imagination using fantastic images; recovering for the adult the language of the children's stories. Every element in my paintings whether it is human, mythical, animal or object, has an important place in the narration, all of them fulfill their role in the satirical and tragic play that I present.

I think I am looking for answers about why some people are seeking for a Metaverse, an augmented reality when we cannot solve the enormous problems that the REALITY, we are standing on endures, this existence is the only one we have and should be our priority to think about how we can work together to solve the deep and complicated problems we face. We cannot escape from what future can bring us by hiding in a parallel universe.

Our children are inheriting a wounded world; I hope they can be wise and smart enough to solve one by one the problems our planet suffers.

I am hopeful that both my work will move someone to rethink about our past, present and future as humans and will rewrite the beginning of these stories beyond the: Once upon a time…